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There are ALOT of products claiming to teach you how to build a business online. Most are simply trying to get you to buy their products. We  will tell you what we have actually found to work and what we actually use.


There are many online internet marketing strategies that worked 5 years ago, or 3 months ago or even last week, that do not work today. We will keep an eye on what is working right now and let you know.


Keep it simple sweetie is our philosophy. We will be posting articles, pdfs and video tutorials to help me learn what you need to do to run your business step by step.


We are your 
your internet watchdogs to keep your time and money safe!

We have spent thousands of dollars online. Sometimes the course or information was good but a lot of time, the tools that we bought simply were not needed or the information was out of date. We are here to help you avoid those pitfalls.


We provide creative solutions!

Want to know how to research your niche, build your site and actually make sales? Watch us do it and follow along.

Niche Research

This might sound scary but it is really quite simple and a lot of fun.

Site Building

We will show you how we got this site up and running in less than a minute.

Affiliate Sales and Product Creation

Earning money online is a process. It takes time and perseverance. We will help you avoid shiny object syndrome so you can stay focused and make money faster.

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