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Straight Talk Im was created by Caterina Christakos. She has been an online income, internet marketing coach and affiliate marketer for over ten years. She has taken every course she can get her hands on, and reviewed every “latest and greatest” affiliate marketing and IM product out there.

Her conclusion is that although there are some excellent courses and products out there, there is also a lot of “shiny object” hype being produced by supposed “gurus” that wouldn’t know how to make money online, if you drew them a map.

That may sound harsh but the truth is that a lot of what is out there is just rehashed material that worked ten years ago. If you follow their advice now, you just may get your sites and social media accounts banned.

So Caterina has created this site to post REAL reviews of products that she actually used that shockingly enough actually work.

Disclaimer: She may receive affiliate commissions when you buy products through this site. It is part of how she earns a living. Here is her promise to you though. If she recommends a product here it is because she believes in it and actually uses it herself.