Affiliate Marketing Mentor – How to Find a Good One

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Affiliate Marketing Mentor – How to Find a Good One

Affiliate marketing can be confusing. Every day someone is telling you some “new and never seen before” method of making money online. The truth is that while techniques come and go, the people who truly make money with this use the same principles over and over again. So you do not need really the latest “shiny object.” What you need is someone who has actually done what you want to do to guide you and show you the real strategies.

Affiliate Marketing Mentor – How to Find a Coach Who Has Actually Made Money Online

There are a lot of supposed “gurus” out there, who claim that they can teach you affiliate marketing. Most make more money selling courses than they do actually building a full time income as an affiliate. So you need to be careful on who you choose as a mentor.

Here are a few things to look for:

  1. Have you actually heard of them before? I know that that seems like a silly thing but really think about it. Does this person have the street cred or just a nice sales page.
  2. Have you seen them on leaderboards on jvzoo or warrior forums? If they are on the leaderboards then they are banking some serioius cash.
  3. Do they have a good reputation? There are some guys and gals on the leaderboards that have a fantastic reputation for giving back to the community. They actually care about your success. There are also others who are known for trying to squeeze the last buck out of your wallet.

What is Your Budget?

There are some affiliate mentors that cost quite a bit to get one on one coaching with. Many of them are worth every penny and if you have a higher budget to work with, go with one of them. First though, check them out and see what others who have received coaching from them have to say.

I have personally had a half a dozen mentors and each taught me a lot. In the beginning though, you can learn a lot from a mentor that does not charge an absolute fortune. If you are pinching your pennies in the beginning, and yes we have all been there, go for a mentor with a great reputation who does not cost a fortune and has a good reputation.

One way to do this is by joining a mentor who does group coaching with small groups.Again, check their reputation and see how many testimonials and success stories they have. Are there more compliments than complaints?

Winners vs Whiners

Since I have mentioned reviews, almost every mentor that I have found has had both good and bad reviews. I read as many as I can before hiring them, unless I really know them well.

If the reviews are mostly good I go for it. I am careful with the negative reviews. I look at was the coach bad or did the person who hired him not want to put in the actual work. With all of these push this button and make a million dollars advertisements, it can be easy for some to forget that they are building an actual business online. Yes, affiliate marketing is a business. It does take work and yet, in my opinion, it is the easiest way to make money online. Some people expect miracles on their first day with their mentor.  You have to remember, these are people who coach you to success not magicians.

Who Do I Recommend?

Here are coaches that I have worked with that have walked the talk, helped me find success and actually care:

  1. Mark Barett – wonderful one on one coach – he only takes on a few students a year and really cares about your success – charges $1000 and up. If you can get in with him and can afford him, he is one of my favorite coaches.
  2. Simple Spencer – group coaching that actually teaches you simple ways to make money. I have learned ALOT being on these calls. You will actually get your questions answered here and learn strategies that really work. Typically $500 but sometimes runs specials
  3. Jonathan Mizell – he was one of my first mentors and is one of the higher costing mentors. I am not sure if he still coaches.


Finding a great affiliate mentor can take a bit of research. Go with someone with a solid reputation that fits your budget.



14 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you for the tips; I have read your article and I have always been very skeptical when it comes to mentors, it must be because I have had so many bad experiences that I ended up not trusting anybody at all. They always seem to be there for you before you hire them and after you pay they kind of dissolve but I will definitely check out the one you mentioned, I would be glad to finally find someone that is really what they say they are

    • admin says:

      Hi Barbara

      I have experienced the same thing. It took me a long time to find ones that actually care about your success. These three actually showed me practical ways to make money with affiliate marketing and cared about my success.

  2. Salim says:

    Now Have a full insight of how best to choose an Affiliate Marketing and how it works. This post was really helpful had it helped reveal some secrets of those who claim to be helping online, only to refer one to their tutorial books. Thanks for this post I really appreciate.

    Have a nice day

  3. Gno says:

    Affiliate marketing is a very good choice if someone wants to earn money online. I never wanted to hire a mentor, to learn from him how to become an affiliate marketer. Ok, I never wanted to become a real affiliate marketer. 

    I think that anyone can learn almost everything from the Wealthy Affiliate program, but sure, if someone wants to reach success faster, a Menor can probably help to reach the goals faster. Your suggestions at the end, is very useful because it is easier to choose one of your suggested Mentors than searching for one.

    • admin says:


      Hiring a mentor is not for everyone and yes you can get a lot of help and succeed with WA. I just happen to like having a mentor. It keeps me on track and focused and there is definitely a lot of accountability if you know that you have a coaching session coming up and there are things that you are expected to do in time for it. Mentors push me to reach my goals faster.

  4. phranell86 says:

    As with other forms of business, having a mentor helps you speed up your progress. Not just any mentor, but one who is genuinely interested in seeing you succeed. They are hard to find, but many good people still exist.When I first started online, I met this so-called guru who promised to “help” me. Turns out he was only interested in promoting products to me through his affiliate link. When I got stuck, I kept messaging him but he never replied back my messages, so I moved on. Months later, I met another guy on facebook, and for the first time, I met a product creator who is sincere. He never for once pitched me any of his products. He helped my make my first income online. These are great names in the make money online niche you have mentioned here. I heard about Simple Spencer before. Sent him a friend request on facebook but he didn’t accept for reasons best known to him. What do you suggest is the best way to contact him apart from facebook?My advice to any newbie is get a mentor. It would make your life easier and flatten out your learning curve.

    • admin says:

      Hi Phranell

      Yes I have been burned by so call mentors before. Many are just in it to make a buck. There are good ones though. These are people who truly care about your success, who answer your questions and follow up with you. The ones on the list I gave have all done that. 

      Spencer does not love FB. He spends most of his time coaching or creating courses. You have to understand that once you are in his coaching group he will answer the questions that you have. He stays on as long as it takes to make sure each member gets an answer. 

      He gets approached a lot on social media to answer questions by people he has never met before. Although I am sure he would love to answer every question asked, he is actually running a very successful business. That is where he spends most of his time and probably why he started his coaching program to begin with, so he could schedule the time to help people and answer their questions.

  5. Md moinul Islam says:

    Hi,Thanks for sharing this information.This information is really a wonderful information for us.Affiliate marketing is a BOOMING business.There are many best affiliate programs and networks such as peerFly,shareAsal,wide markets,rakuten and click bank etc.I am new to affiliate marketing and I want to make the best of it.Your information is very helpful to find a good one.Thanks for sharing this informative article.

    • admin says:

      Your welcome:) Affiliate marketing is my absolute favorite way to make money online. All the hard aspects of running a business are taken care of for you. Your responsibility is only to make sure that people know about their products.

  6. Nicole Stiles says:

    Great advice for finding a mentor and program. When I was first getting into affiliate marketing I looked into AWOL. But they charge $15,000 to get access to their full program. And then you have to pay for everything for your own site and ads. My husband and I did some researching to look at if they were legit, turns out they were but we also found out they were crazy expensive. There are much cheaper ways to learn about affiliate marketing. Ways that don’t involve going into debt.The three mentors that you’ve mentioned are currently out of my budget. Hopefully, one day I can look into hiring them.

    • admin says:

      Hi Nicole

      For now, just being on WA is a great place to start. There are a lot of people there who are willing to help and answer questions. It is a reason why I recommend it and why I am a member. When you can afford to get a one on one mentor, hire one with a stellar reputation. The right mentor can help skyrocket your earnings and push you to build a business that you might not even be able to dream of right now.

  7. Dave Sweney says:

    Finding a mentor is not an easy task. There are all levels of competencies out there, and of course, none will fully disclose what some of their weak points may be. That is why I rely heavily on testimonials (real ones, not the fake ones that you often see on their sales page) before considering buying some time with them.

    With very few exceptions, most of the supposed skills they teach are readily available online. If you invest some time in research you can gain the knowledge that the mentors offer at no cost. Of course, there is no telling how long this may take you, which is where what they offer can make sense for some people.

    Especially in the online marketing segment, there are a large number of people trying to make money at any one time, and always more who are considering entering the business. This is why such mentors are able to stay in business, and in some cases, they can help such people.

    For myself, I am a little suspect when it comes to paying large amounts of money for such a program. Having a mentor does help though, at various times over the years I have tapped into such people, Most of these times I did not pay for the advice. 

    You offer some good tips on how to find a good affiliate marketing mentor and I am sure people will appreciate them…Oh yes, you may want to look at the title of this post, there is a couple of spelling typos (fine versus find and one versus ‘oned’) you might want to look at…I did not see anyone that commented on these, but most certainly I’d recommend looking this… 

    • admin says:

      Hi Dave

      First, thank you for letting me know about the spelling error. I use Grammarly and usually, it catches them. 

      Getting a mentor is not for everyone. In my case, I found that a mentor keeps me on track and accountable. Can you get a lot of the information online? Yes, you can. Will just finding this information help most people succeed? My belief is no, it won’t. 

      If just finding the information guaranteed success, more people would be millionaires. You need to know what information is correct and what is working right now. You also need to implement what you learn in the right way.

      A good mentor can help with all of these things.



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