Blogging – How to Come Up With Amazing Content Every Day

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Blogging – How to Come Up With Amazing Content Every Day

Blogging can be a lot of fun. In the beginning, your brain is just buzzing with ideas, especially if you are passionate about your niche. But what do you do when that first surge of inspiration fade?

What to Write About in Your Blog When the Bloom is Off the Rose?

There are many places that you can go for inspiration. The key is to realize that you are not alone.

Finding Inspiration So that Your Readers Keep Reading Your Blog

Inspiration is all around you.

Here are a few sources:

  1. Magazines in your niche
  2. Television shows
  3. Other related blogs (NEVER plagiarize but you can gain inspiration and even quote them)
  4. Interview interesting people in your niche. Some will say no, when asked for an interview, but money will be flattered and love the exposure.
  5. Youtube videos
  6. Books
  7. Podcasts
  8. Just getting out of the house and see other humans.

Blogging Can Be A Lonely Existence

Yes, we are connected to millions of people online and we can forge connections but it is not the same as face to face. When you have been holed up in front of your computer, picking bits of cereal off of your pajamas and staring dry-eyed at the computer’s flashing cursor, it can be difficult to feel inspired.

Get out of your computer chair or off of the couch or bed. Stretch a bit. Brush your teeth and hair. Take a shower for heavens sakes and get out of your home. Experience the energy of other people for at least a half hour. It will wake your brain up.

Now I am not suggestion procrastination. This is a work outing. Talk to people. Go to places that inspire you to write about your niche.

If you have a cooking blog, go to William Sonoma.

If you have a sports blog, go to an actual game.

If you are a travel writer, take a day trip somewhere.

Like Minded People Can Be Inspiring

Most towns and cities have writing clubs. These are like-minded individuals who have the same issues and concerns that you do. It is important to have a support system of bloggers and writers. Those who have gone through the exact same moments of thinking,” Oh my God, I can’t think of a single thing to write. I might never write again!” It passed for them and it will pass for you. It is good to see and hear from others and find out what strategies that they have used to find the inspiration to write that next blog post or article.

If your form of content is video based, then you may just find others that want to donate their time to be interviewed.


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