How Residual Income Business Opportunities May Help You Achieve Your Goals

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How Residual Income Business Opportunities May Help You Achieve Your Goals

Residual Income – The Key to Financial Freedom

There are two important notions that you will have to bear in mind if you
want to have a healthy financial situation: earning and saving. The
second is intrinsically dependant on the first – you can only save
as much as you earn. Nowadays, most people no longer depend on only
one source of income and often seek having a day-to-day job as well
as residual income streams that help sustain their lifestyle and
prepare them for the future.

Here are three programs that can help you achieve your goals:

Profit System

Global Profit System is one of the tools available to those like you who are
looking for an extra source of income online. It is a turnkey
affiliate marketing system that will help you earn money through
three residual income streams. If you have basic knowledge when it
comes to internet marketing and you have an extensive email list, you
will easily succeed making money with Global Profit System. You will
need to learn how to drive traffic to your turnkey website but the
system will prove to be very low maintenance in the long-run.


  1. 3 Potential recurring income streams
  2. Comes with a predone funnel
  3. Comes with pre-written email messages to send to leads

Find out more here


Those who join Wealthy Affiliate (specially as a premium member) will have
the possibility to learn a lot about how to make money online. It is
the right system for those just starting out and that are not afraid
of investing in a premium membership. You will earn commissions
through affiliate marketing displayed on your websites – which you
will have to learn how to drive traffic to. Wealthy Affiliate even
pays you residual lifetime commissions as long as your referrals
remain members.


  1. Excellent training
  2. Website hosting included
  3. Emails included
  4. Commissions are hard coded in for life
  5. Recurring commission
  6. Shows you how to build a legitimate online business

Find out more here

The 7 Figure Franchise by Michael Cheney

Unlike the previous systems mentioned, the 7 figure Franchise by Michael Cheny has one potential income stream and multiple other products that are automatically promoted throughout the funnel. The best part is that there is a potential for $1000 commissions paid directly into your Paypal account at the higher end of this funnel.

Some benefits of the 7 Figure Franchise:

  1. Up to $1000 commissions
  2. You are given a website
  3. You are given a funnel
  4. You are given training
  5. You are given products to sell automatically
  6. They handle all of the payment processing
  7. They handle all of the customer service
  8. Your only job is to send traffic to the offer and they tell you where to buy advertising for that.
  9. Extremely hands free business model

Check it out here

Make sure you research each residual income business opportunity
extensively beforehand. There are scams out there that you should
avoid – which is not the case with the three opportunities
mentioned in this article, which are not scams. Global Profit System,
Wealthy Affiliate and the 7 figure franchise are great starting points for your

Note that each individual will benefit from a different combination of
residual income streams – you could opt to focus your efforts on
only one system at a time or you could work more hours and harvest
profits from multiple platforms simultaneously. No matter which
strategy you choose, you will definitely find a residual income
business opportunity that suits your needs and availability. Even if
you partially saturate the marketplace with one opportunity, you are
sure to find another one that will provide the profit you need.


The greatest benefit from residual income business opportunities is the
flexibility they offer. They may work as a supplement to your
day-to-day job income or be developed to become your main source of
income. Either way, they have the potential to help you create wealth
with minimum effort and achieve both your financial and personal

Creating residual income streams with an online business will allow you to
increase your income with minimal time spent. You may either use
these to supplement your existing income or develop a strategy that
later on will allow you to use them as your main source of income.
Either way, residual income business opportunities can help you
fulfil your financial goals without spending as many hours working as
those who depend solely on a regular nine to five job. Ultimately,
you will have more time to spend doing the things you enjoy –
developing relationships, focusing on hobbies, working on other
passion projects.

Within the immensity of residual income business opportunities available to
you at the moment, the home based businesses which have been
developed in recent years are worth mentioning. As you dive into the
world of affiliate marketing, you will surely hear about the Global
Profit System, the Wealthy Affiliate and the the 7 figure franchise. These are
tools that, given the right amount of knowledge and effort, will
provide you with the additional residual income streams you are
looking for.




8 Responses

  1. Myles says:

    I was doing a little research and came upon your post. It been my great displeasure in my naive past to fall for some unscrupulous marketers scams for residual income business opportunities. I don’t know all the companies you mentioned in your article good I was very happy to see you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate. These guys I know, and if anyone is truly serious and willing to do the work with the training and community they have available… well lets just say your chances will be best as it can get on the internet. Thanks for the article, keep up the good work!

    • admin says:

      Yes you do have to be careful online. So many people are just after a sale when they recommend programs. I test every program before giving it my stamp of approval.

  2. Dale says:

    What a great plan.  Join multiple opportunities that work well an compliment each other.  I think its a great idea but for me I have to get a few things that I have going on auto pilot first.

    I have to admit I am a Black Friday member of Wealthy Affiliate but until now havent looked at the other opportunities.  I have book marked the page so that I can take a closer look when things settle down a bit.

    Quickly though could you tell me what it would cost me monthly for the other 2 programs.


    • admin says:

      Hi Dale

      The goal is to create multiple streams of residual income. Wealthy affiliate is an excellent place to start as they have a one in eight conversion rate. 

      I will have to look up Global Profit system as there are levels you can go in with it. The conversion rate was pretty good for the front end product with the 2nd and 3rd income stream taking a bit longer. It is all about building momentum as your income streams grow.

      The 7 figure franchise is the most expensive. It is a little under $2000 because you are getting the rights to sell every single product in their funnel and earn 100 percent commissions on the majority of them and 50 percent commissions on their highest end product. The high end product pays out $1000 to your paypal account.

  3. Telma says:

    I am part of Wealthy Affiliate since last September; I been very happy to be part this community, my bigs regret is why I did not founded and started before. I would recommend for anyone that’s are looking for business online. This is the way.  

    About the other GlobalProfit System and the 7 Figure Franchise , I will check out for sure. Do you think that would be a good move try also those other websites you suggest with the one we already have? I agree with you that those days we can not counting on a day-to-day one job anymore; to me the risk is not taking a risk. We should try everything that is legit and referral by someone that know what they talking about. Like many people, I been scamming on the pass and lost a lot of money, but now I know that I am on the right pad.Thank you so much for priceless information.Cheers to your success,

    • admin says:

      Hi Telma

      I believe in building multiple streams of income with companies that I have tried myself, like and respect. The wealthy affiliate program is one of my favorites because of all of the support and the conversion rate.

      The 7 figure franchise pays out the most on the high end but also costs the most to get started so it depends on your budget.

      The Global profits system pays out on 3 income streams but seems to take the longest to get up and running. 

      Keep working, be consistent and you will achieve your goals!

  4. Myles says:

    With all the cheesy paid actor type video attachments I’ve seen in other posts it was refreshers to listen to the gal in the videos you included in your article here. I have experience with one of the organizations you featured, that being Wealthy Affiliate. Personally it is the best I have come along in respect to training, community and a no BS approach to building an online business. Happy to see some truth for a change. Cheers.

    • admin says:

      Thanks:) I am the gal in the video and I have actually used and made money with all three of these programs. I agree Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most honest programs that I have come across.

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