Wealthy Affiliate Reviews – Real or a Scam?

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Wealthy Affiliate Reviews – Real or a Scam?

You will find that there are a lot of wealthy affiliate reviews. Some of them are real and others are fabrications. As a premium member of wealthy affiliate, here is my personal review.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

You can start for free here

It is an all in one solution for anyone who wants to build an online business or affiliate business. It takes you step by step through absolutely everything you need to know and do to succeed online. I have personally gone through it from research to building sites and beyond and was shocked at how much they give you for such a low cost.

What is Included in this Program?

  1. Complete soup to nuts training broken down into bite sized chunks.
  2. Keyword research tools.
  3. Website builder that can setup your site in about 30 seconds.
  4. Gorgeous templates.
  5. Hosting is included ( up to 25 sites with the premium version)
  6. SSl certificates
  7. website monitoring
  8. Unlimited email is included in the premium version.
  9. Built in database of pictures that you can use in your posts
  10. Access to hundreds of plugins.
  11. a comments collector
  12. an enormous community of like minded entrepreneurs
  13. 24 hour technical support and these people respond fast!
  14. The owners are actively involved in the community.
  15. With the premium account you can build up to 25 websites.

Is there anything that I do not like about the Wealthy Affiliate?

I keep searching but so far I am coming up blank. I am really good at finding the flaws in programs, after testing so many of them. I have in fact been a beta tester for many programs and helped them to become better. It is mind boggling to me but so far I am absolutely loving the wealthy affiliate course and built in systems. I save so much money being a premium member here. I used to have to pay several different companies for keyword research and hosting and ssl certificates and email, etc… Here all of these things and more are included in the low monthly price.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

You can start for free here and get a bunch of features. Check out the training, see for yourself how amazing the community here and start building out your first site.

If you are just ready to get started building your businesses and want even more features then go with the Premium membership like I did. The premium memberships is $47 a month but you have to remember that this includes training, the keyword research tool, web hosting, etc… These are all services that you would have to pay a bunch of other companies for. Instead you get everything that you need in one place.

There is nothing wrong with starting with the free option. I started with it to see for myself if it was as good as people said and then upgraded really quickly because I saw the value in this program.

How Does it Compare with Affilorama?

I have tried both programs. I actually started with Affilorama before going to Wealthy Affiliate and although they are both good, I prefer Wealthy Affiliate. It simply has more features at a much better price and a better community and customer service in my opinion.



I went in to the wealthy affiliate program expecting a lot of hype. I was so jaded by my experiences with other programs that I had low to no expectations. I am still shocked at how good this make money online training program is and how many incredible tools that they just give you as part of the membership. I am even more impressed with the people who are members. They are so eager to help you succed and cheer you on. I can not recommend this highly enough. This is the real deal people!





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6 Responses

  1. Britney says:

    I love reviews like these! They target popular questions about a specific program. This is really helpful as it informs people about Wealthy Affiliate and whether or not they should go with the program. As a member of WA myself,I can say with absolute certainty it’s not a scam. They don’t promise overnight results, but they offer amazing advice and training. 

    Thank you for this post! You just reiterated my love for Wealthy Affiliate.


  2. Tim Bennett says:

    Isn’t it refreshing to find a service that actually gives us what we deserve?

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 1 year.

    I joined initially for the training programs, but I soon found a whole treasure trove of other services which were as you say all included.

    I have a number of websites and I will be transferring all my sites over to WA and letting my present host go.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the 1st host who has ever paid me…

    The community that has been created by WA is probably one of the very best I have ever been part of.

    The support is exceptional.

    I second your emotion!


    • admin says:

      Thanks Tim. Yes I started for the training as well. I discovered all of the other amazing tools after I joined. I have wasted so much money on keyword tools and sub par hosting companies. I wish I had realized what a find wealthy affiliate is sooner.

  3. Christene says:

    Love the name of your site – very cool.  Shows you mean business and there is no BS here!  Love that you had a video and you seem like a professional doing that.  I like that you were upfront and honest about the downside to WA, I did the same in my review, it was hard to find any issues as it really is a great program, but the fact that you acknowledged that is very important, makes the review look balanced.  I also liked how you did a comparison to another company with your experience.  Just a suggestion, you could strengthen that perhaps with others testimonials to back up your experience.

    Great job, you are very personable, if I wasn’t already here I join you too!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Christine. I know. I keep looking for something wrong but so far nothing is popping up. I just find more and more things that I like about it.

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